Heavy Lifting of Specialized Equipment

Rigging services are necessary when you are moving an exceptionally large, heavy, or sensitive piece of equipment — production equipment, hospital equipment, or safes and bank vaults are just some of the unique items that should only be moved by a rigging specialist. AMG rigging specialists also have the expertise necessary to move equipment where logistical access points are limited — from industrial machinery on a production line to the compressor on the roof of a building. Whether you need a single piece of equipment moved or an entire industrial warehouse or manufacturing plant relocated, AMG provides expert riggers, heavy-hauling movers, millwrights, electricians, and craftspersons to dis-assemble, transport, re-assemble and erect machinery and equipment properly. We strive for the most efficient re-installation and problem-free startup to keep your business running smoothly.

Our comprehensive rigging services are second-to-none:

  • Leveling, aligning, and anchoring expertise for unique machinery (bank vault, etc.)
  • Specialized Equipment: Our resources include crane lifts, engineered and critical lifts, gantry lifts to 300 tons, forklifts to 100,000 lbs., hydraulic jack-and-slide systems, unified structural jacking systems, cantilever insertion tools, etc.
  • Warehousing Services: Secure, heated, and crane-served warehousing for short-term machinery and equipment storage, or containerization for long-term storage.
  • Trans-Loading Services: We can seamlessly transfer a large-load shipment from one mode of transportation to another (truck-to-ship, plane-to-train, etc.)
  • Heavy Hauling Services: We can safely transport oversized loads too large for road travel without an escort and special permit.
  • Freight Forwarding Services: We can quickly move oversized goods from a manufacturer or producer to the final point of distribution.
  • Crate and skid any sized items for transport or export.
  • Able to source new or used machinery or equipment, and seamlessly integrate it into your overall machinery set up.
  • All workers are OSHA qualified or NCCCO-Certified riggers and signal persons
  • Completely bonded and insured to cover all risk assessment.

When your logistical problem is simply too big to handle, AMG’s rigging services will expertly shoulder the burden for you.


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